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51. Complex system
(Glossary / Institutions)
Allen defined a complex system as ‘any system that has within itself a capacity to respond to its environment in more than one way. This essentially means that it is not a mechanical system wi

52. Complex adaptive systems
(Glossary / Institutions) encounters with the world. […] At some deep fundamental level, […] all these processes of learning, evolution, and adaptation are the same. And one of the fundamental mechanisms of ... and the three of us stuck our heads together and co-authored an article entitled "Entrepreneurial learning in the networked age: How new learning environments foster entrepreneurship and inn...

54. Are You a Knowledge Entrepreneur?
(0 Introduction/0.1 Motivation, Aim & Overview)
...repreneur values benefits in the form of new knowledge (research) and good knowledge services (teaching&learning) as the primary motivation. Therefore the concept allows to exploit the positive as...

55. 5.2.2. Internet Based Knowledge Entrepreneurship in Universities
(5 Best in Breed KE & Conclusions/5.2. Conclusions)
...ent way of doing something. Examples for the latter category are blogging and using wikis for collaborative learning. Another aspect that has been found to influence innovation is the political a...

56. 5.1.1. Best of Breed Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(5 Best in Breed KE & Conclusions/5.1. Best of Breed Knowledge Entrepreneurship)
... breed example for the following aspects is given: research practices (Internet Governance), teaching & learning practices (MIT’s Open Educational Courseware, Collaborative learning), as wel...

57. 4.2.6. Knowledge Entrepreneurial Practice
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
... necessity and in conjunction with the promising vision. As is the case for the LSE, technological risk for learning and research is hedged through voluntary and coached rollout. The FU is also taking...

58. Far From Equilibrium Spaces
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...ltants) are contracted as external staff, while the core staff consists mainly of administrators and ‘learning managers’. With this scenario as a legacy the UOC has embarked (for some year...

59. (2) Distributed Leadership
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...on system (UPC administration 16), have few or no formal management qualifications and rely on experiential learning that draws heavily on their previous posts within further education (Birnbaum, 1988...

60. Ethics & Sustainability
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...rmatively right in an alignment with what one normatively should do. It is important to point out that this learning stage ‘is not something added, rather it represents a fundamental reorganizat...