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51. Are You a Knowledge Entrepreneur?
(0 Introduction/0.1 Motivation, Aim & Overview)
This website is dedicated to explore and promote the practice of knowledge entrepreneurship as well as a humanistic philosophy of entrepreneurship in general. Definition: Knowledge entrep

52. 5.1.1. Best of Breed Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(5 Best in Breed KE & Conclusions/5.1. Best of Breed Knowledge Entrepreneurship)
...Institute of Technology (MIT), is evaluated to be the worlds most advanced university when it comes to web usage (Webometrics, 2006) and has a name for being a vanguard of establishing the 21st centur...

53. 4.2.6. Knowledge Entrepreneurial Practice
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...LSE section They have contact information and a profile for almost all staff members on the website, so people can and are contacted online. Additionally, the relatively small size of the i...

54. Far From Equilibrium Spaces
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
... efforts are made to provide for a similar stimulating environment by providing different areas on the website and offering room for study in the regional centres. However, the situations of the IT ba...

55. Ethics & Sustainability
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...bootstrapping phase of the UOC, many practices were not regulated and some professors created personal web pages about their work and professional interests. After some time the institutional environm...

56. Axiology & Teleology
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...described as a hacker’s work ethic in contrast to the still dominant work ethic described in Max Weber’s “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” (Weber, 1930). ...

57. 4.1.5. Web Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)    Formally contrasting web knowledge entrepreneurship In the following section the situation at the investigated universities regarding the approbation of internet based i

58. 4.1.4. Approaches
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...-----------------   [i]  According to the authors: Size represents the number of web pages container in the domain. Visibility includes number of external in-links to the web dom...

59. 4.1.3. Web Data
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...r user per day for this site) allows for a realistic assessment of the institutions utilisation of the web (Figure 1). The UOC (red line) receives by far the most page views per day because all studen...

60. 4.1.2. Strategy and Practise in the case of Internet based innovation Appropriation
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...the various approaches implemented at the examined universities are described, the universities’ web activities are contrasted and analyzed.   --------------------   ...