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61. 4.1.4. Approaches
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...nor the FU are assessed to have a clearly defined governance structure and subsequently no dedicated holistic leadership for IT services. Obviously these highly dispersed and semi-structured arra...

62. 3.4.11. Analysis and Conclusion
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC) Also, it is important to state that UOC was during the period of this research still in its first epochal leadership transition, and that “the change process is still underway and most of th...

63. 3.4.10. Unique Strange Attractors
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...As mentioned above, a team comprised of experts from almost all public Catalonian universities, and under the leadership of UOC’s IT managers, is working on the development of an free software b...

64. 3.4.8. UOC Position (Institutional Results)
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...the production of UOC’s thirteen research fields, the following observations can be made: Under the new leadership team UOC has increased its research lines to now 13 different themes. The most ...

65. 3.4.6. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
... an information society (Generalitat, 1995; , 2003; UOC, 1996). On the practical side, the university’s leadership develops a mid-term strategy every three years. They hold thematic workshops an...

66. 3.4.5. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)    Leadership As with the LSE, the historic and the current leadership teams are portrayed in order to grasp a full view of both the past and current leadership conditions.

67. 3.4.3. Setting & Typology
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...on, UOC was, from the beginning, set upon a rather business oriented trajectory. Even as the intention of the leadership was to limit the growth of tenured faculty and researchers in order to guarante...

68. 3.4.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...mpus in Madrid (UOC faculty 1). Naturally, Pujol consulted with Gabriel Ferraté  (see UPC and UOC leadership for more detailed information), who had tremendous experience in higher educati...

69. 3.4.1. Overview
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...ines and companies were setup. Unfortunately, most ventures did not blossom and survive. In late 2005 the old leadership team was replaced and it was one of the new rector’s first strategic deci...

70. 3.3.13. Analysis and conclusion
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...ates a collective entrepreneuring process (development of a shared vision) which is naturally inspired by the leadership. The EUA wrote: If the hierarchy of tasks and duties becomes transparent, prese...

71. 3.3.12. Unique Strange Attractors
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
... at the LSE within the information systems department. Notably though, at the UPC the integration and partial leadership of the School of Informatics in the  improvement of the e-learning platfor...

72. 3.3.11. Rival Explanations
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...nit, while on the other hand there is an increase in centralization as a result of the possibility of central leadership to ensure certain priorities and directions as well as the introduction of stan...

73. 3.3.10. UPC Position (Institutional Results)
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...esults The 2006 El Mundo ranking puts the UPC “indisputably” at the first position for research leadership in its fields (el Mundo, 2006). Accordingly, the ICI Essential Science Indicato...

74. 3.3.7. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)    Leadership UPC is a very democratic institution and the leadership team is elected every four years on the basis of political programs.  However, even once elected,

75. 3.3.6. Economic Entrepreneurship Setting
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...p; here shortly. The initiative is the brainchild of a group of UPC’s knowledge entrepreneurs and leadership veterans. For many years, this group has followed the assessment of the General...

76. 3.2.11. Analysis and conclusion
(3 Case-Studies/3.2. Case-Study FU Berlin)
...there is still no central strategic activity  to foster FU’s stakes.   The complementary leadership duo at the FU’s top, is effective and determined, but authoritarian. Whil...

77. 3.2.10. Unique Strange Attractors
(3 Case-Studies/3.2. Case-Study FU Berlin)
...king of their funding base. FU faculty was already accustomed to a reality without much state support and the leadership is (at least recently) pushing hard to put an (neo [iii]-) liberal educational ...

78. 3.2.7. Internet Use
(3 Case-Studies/3.2. Case-Study FU Berlin)
...cial version is an objective evaluation and bidding process (FU 69), while the un-official version tells that leadership had set clear preferences and the results were accordingly (FU 70). [ii]...

79. 3.2.5. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.2. Case-Study FU Berlin)    Leadership The current FU President – Prof. Dr. Lenzen - is perceived as someone who knows what he wants, as visionary and a as having a good feel for the press an

80. 3.2.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.2. Case-Study FU Berlin)
...hese years a very high turnover of senators responsible for education (FU, 2001, p7) increased the university leadership’s understanding that they had to fight for political autonomy for their p...

81. 3.1.5. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)    Leadership In tune with its thematic alignment, the School has a long tradition in appointing eminent (and occasionally international) researchers and economists (mostly

82. 2.3.2. Interpretative Framework
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...s decisive points in the university’s development are put forward. Thereby special attention is paid to leadership and management as well as strategic developments. i) Setting & Typolo...

83. 1.3.3. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
...nald (2002) Furthermore the organizational condition, described through its setting and its current leadership and its organizational culture are set to determine the general possibilities f...

...nts of the gestell for knowledge entrepreneurship are: (a) a governance structure that allows for distributed leadership and spielraum (leverage) for actors to be opportunistic; (b) also a wide variet...

...measurable effects of strategic planning from the influences of such other important factors as institutional leadership, demographic chance, fluctuations in state and federal funding, politics, the a...

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