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61. 4.2.4. Mindset & Values
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
...the UPC, the former leadership team has been described as both socialists and syndicators. And, at the UOC, everybody ‘knew’ about the strong leadership characteristics of the old rector; ...

62. 4.2.2. Cybernetic Analysis of a complex system
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.2. Theory of Knowledge E-ship in Universities)
... it is engaged in pre-sensing (Scharmer, 2002) or planning future states. As a senior manager at UOC expressed, creating and maintaining productive technology environments is like cooking (UOC 7...

63. 4.1.5. Web Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...has reached a coverage of all the university locations except the botanical garden. At the UPC and the UOC provision of wireless access is advanced more on a need basis based on entrepreneurial agents...

64. 4.1.4. Approaches
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...sp; Technology (CLT), the FU has the CeDiS, the UPC has ICE and the innovation unit at UPCnet, and the UOC has the Learning Technologies Department. From all these entities only the outsourced indepen...

65. 4.1.3. Web Data
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...his site) allows for a realistic assessment of the institutions utilisation of the web (Figure 1). The UOC (red line) receives by far the most page views per day because all students and teacher activ...

66. 4.1.1. Formally contrasting Setting & Typology
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...ll have a different disciplinary focus, as well as represent a different type of university. While the UOC and the UPC share similar governmental as well as economic environment conditions, they are s...

67. 3.4.11. Analysis and Conclusion
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
3.4.11.    Analysis and Conclusion There can be no doubt that the UOC is a truly successful knowledge venture that has helped thousands of people who otherwise would have had diffic

68. 3.4.10. Unique Strange Attractors
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)    Virtuality Pioneer UOC is the youngest of the institutions investigated and therefore in many aspects it is still in its formation phase, especially since it lack

69. 3.4.9. Rival Explanations
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
UOC shares both of these aspects with the UPC so this section is developed in more detail in the UPC case study (3.3.11.) as it comes first chronologically. &nbsp

70. 3.4.8. UOC Position (Institutional Results)
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
Because of its status as a semi-private virtual university, UOC is not included in many evaluations. However, as is described in the paragraphs dealing with teaching and learning, UOC was quite succ

71. 3.4.7. Internet Use
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...7.1.    E-Learning Tools Integration (Technology) As touched upon in the section on UOC’s IT history and approach, the university has a lean model of technology development an...

72. 3.4.6. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)    Environmental Awareness UOC stakeholders naturally report to an extensive use the internet for keeping themselves up to date on their respective fields of interest. They

73. 3.4.5. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC) the past and current leadership conditions. The historic condition has been aptly described buy the UOC’s former Director for Continuous Education: “Gabriel Ferraté is the leader...

74. 3.4.4. IT Setting
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)    History & Approach The UOC was born with the promise of efficiency gains made possible through internet technology. The venture was started with an internet connecti

75. 3.4.3. Setting & Typology
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)    Members UOC has shown an incredible student growth rate.  Today it boasts an enrolment of 40,707 students, taught by 1462 online mostly external tutors and about 16

76. 3.4.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
Before the UOC, only one Catalonian distance education initiative had been noted. In the 1930’s the Mancomunitat de Catalunya, a vocational correspondence education programme, was setup by the

77. 3.4.1. Overview
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
When the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) was created in 1995 it was the first university to offer certified university degrees exclusively through internet based distance learning. After focusin

78. 3.3.9. Internet Use
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...fact many of the programmers who have developed the Raquo have accompanied Dr. Ferraté when the UOC was founded.    e-Research Tools Integrat...

79. 3.3.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...peer institutions. One decisive figure in the development of the UPC is also a protagonist in the UOC case. Gabriel Ferraté i Pascual became UPC’s second rector in 1972, and thus was...

80. 2.3.3. Data Analysis
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...t based innovations in particular. Especially visits to meetings of IT community of practice meetings (UOC), and senate meeting (FU), but also visits to thematic lectures at all institutions investiga...

81. 2.3.1. Case Study Method & Design
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...rlin (FU) and (4) a distance-education/virtual university – the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). The case studies were conducted during extensive multiple weeks site visits, which allowed ...

82. 1.3.4. The University in the Network Society
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
...nate to the funding sources: Industry and – as has been described in the case of the LSE and the UOC – their clients. Two results are foreseeable: a.    As more and mo...

83. UOC Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
(Web Links / Institutions)
The UOC is a university born from the knowledge society and whose mission is to provide people with lifelong learning and education.

... e-learning are used complementarily to traditional educational practices, and even in the case of the UOC no fundamentally new pedagogy was used, rather processes were simply restructured – as ...

85. 3.4. Case-Study UOC
(Category List)

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