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61. 4.1.5. Web Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...project and has reached a coverage of all the university locations except the botanical garden. At the UPC and the UOC provision of wireless access is advanced more on a need basis based on entreprene...

62. 4.1.4. Approaches
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...ology innovation the LSE has the Centre for Learning  Technology (CLT), the FU has the CeDiS, the UPC has ICE and the innovation unit at UPCnet, and the UOC has the Learning Technologies Departme...

63. 4.1.3. Web Data
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
... conducted on the site. The FU (blue line) comes out next in the number of pages accessed. However the UPC stakeholders produce about the same number of page views as the institution is offering conte...

64. 4.1.1. Formally contrasting Setting & Typology
(4 Cross Case Analysis/4.1. Cross Case Study Analysis)
...fferent disciplinary focus, as well as represent a different type of university. While the UOC and the UPC share similar governmental as well as economic environment conditions, they are still rather ...

65. 3.4.9. Rival Explanations
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
UOC shares both of these aspects with the UPC so this section is developed in more detail in the UPC case study (3.3.11.) as it comes first chronologically. &nbsp

66. 3.4.6. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
... which are naturally somehow connected with an overall strategy. As in the case of the FU and the UPC, no ICT strategy or vision is developed. Rather, technological values and objectives form par...

67. 3.4.4. IT Setting
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC)
...e virtual campus which serves about 70,000 logins per day, or-- 24 and a half million logins per year (UPC management 25). All of UOC’s work stations come with an internet enabled PC and emplo...

68. 3.4.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.4. Case-Study UOC) campus in Madrid (UOC faculty 1). Naturally, Pujol consulted with Gabriel Ferraté  (see UPC and UOC leadership for more detailed information), who had tremendous experience in higher ed...

69. 3.3.13. Analysis and conclusion
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
The strategy and practices at the UPC are assessed to embody (in a very interesting way) the current paradigm of the entrepreneurial university as exemplified by the MIT (Etzkowitz, 2002). On the po

70. 3.3.12. Unique Strange Attractors
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...chnological) artefacts and mode 2 knowledge (Gibbons, 1994). The centre, which is directed by the UPC but was initiated officially by the regional government’s network society programme, ha...

71. 3.3.11. Rival Explanations
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...more transparent and objective driven, and not limited to quid pro quo costs for means (ibid). For the UPC he reports that it strives to adopt a similar system of results-linked funding. What th...

72. 3.3.10. UPC Position (Institutional Results)
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)    Teaching and Learning Results The UPC is evaluated in national and international university rakings and quite a positive impression remains (see table 1). The newspaper

73. 3.3.9. Internet Use
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
Overall, the UPC is exceeding the objectives regarding IT services it negotiated with the Generalitat (UPC, 2006b). This indicator measures the availability of wireless network connection, library a

74. 3.3.8. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
...n English. On an institutional level, the EUA assessed a need to work on a “strengthening of [UPC’s] ‘scanning power’(EUA, 2005), which is needed in order to engage in meani...

75. 3.3.7. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)    Leadership UPC is a very democratic institution and the leadership team is elected every four years on the basis of political programs.  However, even once elected,

76. 3.3.6. Economic Entrepreneurship Setting
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
As mentioned, the UPC has embraced the Etzkowitz triple helix paradigm and is henceforth developing several institutionalized initiatives to foster economic entrepreneurship amongst its constituency

77. 3.3.5. IT History and Approach
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
Responsibilities for IT services are distributed among UPCnet, the Institute for the Science of Education (ICE), the library and the School of Informatics. The evolution and role of each of those enti

78. 3.3.4. Typology
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)    Specialization The UPC has a straight forward specialization in exact sciences: engineering, architecture and related subjects (UPC, 2006d). Starting with the engineerin

79. 3.3.3. Setting
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)    Students Similar to the FU, the UPC is a rather big university overall, serving 31,897 [i] (as of 2005-2006 (web)) students.  Given that there are many very special

80. 3.3.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
Founded in 1971 the UPC is a conglomerate of a host of technical schools in and around Barcelona. Over the following years, it has assimilated various additional schools as well as created several n

81. 3.3.1. Overview
(3 Case-Studies/3.3._Case–Study_UPC)
The UPC is a modern university that has embraced the three missions: education, research and societal commitment [i]. The latter is especially carried out through contributions to policy making and

82. 2.3.1. Case Study Method & Design
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...of Economics (LSE), (2) a  technical university – the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), (3) a traditional full range university  - the Freie Universitaet Berlin (FU) and (4) ...

83. 1.3.3. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
...entrepreneurial strategies that create wealth” (Hitt, 2002) page 2)  (iii) AMR (2006) Upcoming Special Topic Forum: Dreaming, Discovering, and Creating: The Visions and Costs of Entre...

...; (c) the definition and institutionalisation of entrepreneurship support functions as observed at the UPCnet innovation team; and finally, the traditionally prioritized subjects of investigation (d) ...

85. 3.3._Case–Study_UPC
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