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91. 3.1.7. Internet Use
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)
...vigation) with the varying quality you’d expect from non-techie contractors (mostly PhD students), who developed and maintained these mini-sites. In 1999 the School had a professional desig...

92. 3.1.5. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)
...o his predecessor Professor Anthony Giddens, an outstanding sociologist, who during his time as LSE director developed an innovative political direction named the ‘third way’ (Giddens, 199...

93. 3.1.3. Setting & Typology
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)
...y the LSE consists of 18 disciplinary departments and 5 research institutions. Naturally by far the two most developed subjects are economics and political sciences, which are taken (at least partiall...

94. 3.1.2. History
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE) The School became known as a meeting-point for free-thinkers and the alternative culture that developed in London during the 1960’s and 1970’s.  After this intellectual...

95. 2.5.2. Validation of Action Research
(2 Research Methodology/2.5 Phenological Action Research)
...s wiki and recently updated in a collectively revised edition. Hence, both instruments will be continued and developed further after the formal research project is terminated, wherein the validation a...

96. 2.3.4. Narrative Development
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
The case study narratives were developed following the elements of the interpretative framework developed based on Yin (2003) and giving an account of the assessment of the researchers findings and

97. 2.3.3. Data Analysis
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...he case. Strange attractors that are assessed as elements of all investigated cases become part of the model developed in the cross-case analysis. Weizäcker comments on this process “Each s...

98. 2.3.2. Interpretative Framework
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...ively. Framework Elements The interpretative framework is based on the widely used approach developed by Yin (1993, 2003) and the elements are amended from van Vught (CHEPS, 2005) as ...

99. 2.3.1. Case Study Method & Design
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...ure of the research strategy made it logical that detail planning was sequential but an overall schedule was developed in early 2006. It was decided to begin with the LSE (May-July 2006), then go dire...

100. 2.1.2. Demarcation
(2 Research Methodology/2.1 Research Approach)
...ribed, most knowledge entrepreneurship has to do with appropriating knowledge opportunities that are already developed by someone else, elsewhere. Lastly it describes the relations between the at...

101. 5.4 Further Research
(Category List)
The concept of knowledge entrepreneurship has been developed in general as well as in its concrete application in the context of today’s universities. But many interesting aspects had to be left

...mindset (see Chapter 4 section 4.2.4). A philosophical model of a knowledge entrepreneurial mindset has been developed and illustrated using the cases investigated (see figure 5.2). It contains the fo...

103. 2.6. Theory Development
(Category List)
... have guided data analysis and the problems and good practices have been combined with findings and concepts developed (e.g., in private sector research and philosophy with the objective to develop a ...

The next step after the fieldwork was completed and all case narratives were developed, was to formally contrast the different cases investigated. The contrasting began by looking at the very fundamen

105. 2.4. Cross Case Analysis
(Category List)
The next step after the fieldwork was completed and all case narratives were developed, was to formally contrast the different cases investigated. The contrasting began by looking at the very fundamen

106. 2.3. Case Studies
(Category List)
... Corbin, 1990, p. 6) and, therefore, the cases are recounted as a narrative; therein, the theory aspects are developed in the cross-case analysis. ...

107. 2.1 Research Approach
(Category List)
... led to the development of a theory. Guided by the insights from the fieldwork, concepts that arose and were developed in other areas, including private sector organizations or philosophies, were comb...

108. 2.0 Introduction
(Category List)
...h existing research for theory construction (rather than a pure approach grounded theory wherein a theory is developed from scratch) is deemed prudent as it connects the research with existing work. A...

... challenge of scientific inquiry for the 21st century is to transcend the artificial disciplinary borders developed to allow for the viable piecemeal construction of human reality, and to use th... contribution especially to the discourse about the entrepreneurial university2. I hope the position developed helps to bridge the divide between pro and contra entrepreneurship in university ...

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