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91. 2.3.1. Case Study Method & Design
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...(1) an elite and international specialized research university – the London School of Economics (LSE), (2) a  technical university – the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), (3...

92. 2.1.2. Demarcation
(2 Research Methodology/2.1 Research Approach)
...reneurship has to do with appropriating knowledge opportunities that are already developed by someone else, elsewhere. Lastly it describes the relations between the attractors only a limited degr...

93. 1.3.6. Innovation Appropriation
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
...hich an innovation is perceived as relatively difficult to understand and use”),; trialability, elsewhere called tryability or divisibility (“the degree to which an innovation may be exper...

94. 1.3.4. The University in the Network Society
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
...come subordinate to the funding sources: Industry and – as has been described in the case of the LSE and the UOC – their clients. Two results are foreseeable: a.    As...

95. 1.2.1. Mechanics of Existence and Rationales of Reality
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.2. Research Approach & Epistemological Position)
... understanding of the physical world, social sciences should use the same technique. The argument is false, because – following Habermas (Welsch, 1998) - natural science deals with the explorati...

...nderstanding), they cannot be described by ways of using only the terminological and methodological toolset of positivistic science. Instead, such exploration has to allow for an expansion with suppl...

97. 3.1. Case-Study LSE
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