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...y on the third, level we witness the instrumentalist level and the question of how the current practice and strategy in universities is with regards to internet based opportunity exploitation. See be...

Two research tracks have been pursued to investigate the phenomenon. Four in-depth case studies about the situation in distinct European universities are carried out. Secondly the research has intende

93. 2.1 Research Approach
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...Annex A) are also made evident (Seale 2000:163). The traditional role of the author is accepted and textual strategy is used to persuade the reader of the writer’s authority to speak. Thereby, i...

94. 1.1. Introduction
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This research begun with the dedicated interest of exploring the practice and strategy of universities in regards to the integration of the entrepreneurial paradigm, and the integration of cyberspace

...epreneurship concept by (2) explaining how the concept and its phenomena have been identified (a) in the strategy and practice of universities and (b) in the reflective knowledge venture of real...

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