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91. 3.1.6. Knowledge Entrepreneurship
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)
...logy innovations especially in research have quite a high incubation time (e.g. open access). The demand of students, who constitute a younger more IT savvy generation, and bring their IT habits from ...

92. 3.1.5. Condition
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)
...ees report to being satisfied with the efficiency and effectiveness of the bureaucratic system.  Students are organized in the LSE Student Union through student representatives, who partici...

93. 3.1.4. IT History and Approach
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)
... School understands how important it is to invest in ICT to remain competitive, attract and retain the best students and staff, and enable the highest quality teaching and research.” (ITstrategy...

94. 3.1.3. Setting & Typology
(3 Case-Studies/3.1. Case-Study LSE)    Students Born as a result of a philanthropic endeavour, the School started with only a few courses and grew both rapidly but organically (in the sense that new courses a

95. 2.5.1. Development of PhD Research as Action Research
(2 Research Methodology/2.5 Phenological Action Research)
...od example is the expansion of the research through the implementation of a focus group interview held with students of the LSE. This opportunity arose in an informal meeting with an LSE teaching assi...

96. 2.3.3. Data Analysis
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...y, including the online services, was made. Also a variety of informal contacts with faculty and especially students of the universities were sought and information about the research theme was solici...

97. 2.3.2. Interpretative Framework
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies) the following information will be used: ii) Members The basic quantitative data – amount of students, professors, staff are meant to give an impression of the dimensions of the univers...

98. 2.3.1. Case Study Method & Design
(2 Research Methodology/2.3. Case Studies)
...n be found in Annex D. At the LSE, the opportunity to have a video and audio recorded focus group with students emerged. This was evaluated as quite beneficial and realized accordingly. Flexibili...

99. 1.3.6. Innovation Appropriation
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
...ill be full immersion, very high resolution, and very convincing. Most colleges will follow MIT's lead, and students will increasingly attend classes virtually. Virtual environments will provide high-...

100. 1.3.4. The University in the Network Society
(1 Research Approach & Background/1.3 Theoretic Background & Originating Theory)
... and commented upon. From these roots comes the original mission of the university to empower and train its students to intellectually participate in society. Over time more and more practical k...

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